Premium Managed WordPress Hosting

Each website is assigned its own dedicated CPU, memory, and IP address, guaranteeing that there is no impact from other sites or shared resources.

Nothing here is shared. Plus there is no limit on your traffic ever

Plans and Pricing

  • For Entrepreneurs

  • For Ecommerce

  • For Enterprises



  • Bandwidth: 10TB
  • Storage: 32GB SSD
  • Ram: 1 GB
  • CPU: 1
  • Website: 1



  • Bandwidth: 10TB
  • Storage: 64GB SSD
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • CPU: 1
  • Website: 1



  • Bandwidth: 25TB
  • Storage: 80GB SSD
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • CPU: 2
  • Website: 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What (Unlimited Traffic) Means?

Our managed WordPress hosting includes unlimited traffic, ensuring your blog or e-commerce site can accommodate millions of visitors without any concerns. Rest assured, your website will operate seamlessly, and there are no additional fees for high traffic volumes.

Do you give discounts?

As our managed WordPress hosting boasts robust features including 11 pro plugins and complimentary access to 10 business emails, rest assured that your website is equipped for success. We do not offer coupons or discounts, emphasizing the value of our comprehensive hosting package.

How do you care about the speed of my website?

Our server-side performance, combined with two professional plugins dedicated to optimizing website speed through caching, image optimization, and asset optimization, ensures that our managed WordPress hosting operates at high frequency. Experience instant website loading times with our optimized platform.

How do you care about our image optimization? 

With Top Image Pro: We prioritize image optimization with Ultra Smush offering 5X compression, a 123-point CDN with 50GB bandwidth, unlimited bulk and auto smushing capabilities, conversion of JPG & PNG to local WebP format, and image compression support for files up to 256MB.

How about asset optimization? 

With Agile Pro: We ensure optimal website performance with features such as delayed JavaScript execution, automated critical CSS generation, turbocharged asset optimization, and a 123-point CDN with edge caching. Trust us to handle your assets and caching needs seamlessly.

How do you take care of  the security of my website?

We prioritize the security of your website with scheduled malware scanning, comprehensive audit logging, Safe Repair for suspicious files, hosted WAF integration, and a global IP blocklist and monitoring system. Rest assured, your website's security is in good hands with us.

Do you a pro plugin for SEO?

We handle the SEO for your blog or website comprehensively, eliminating the need for additional pro plugins. Our services include site crawler SEO scans and reports, SEO health audit reports, automatic integrated linking, white-label readiness for your clients, and location-based redirects and rules. Trust us to optimize your website effectively without the need for extra plugins.

Do you backup my website?

We ensure the reliability, convenience, security, and flexibility of both cloud and local backups with our exclusive PRO backup plugin. Enjoy up to 50GB storage capacity and store backups for up to 50 days. Seamlessly integrate with S3, Google, and other platforms while also offering unlimited third-party backup options. Trust us to manage your website backups effectively.

Do you teach us how to use WordPress?

We offer a WordPress course featuring high-quality tutorial videos supported by Wistia, YouTube, and Vimeo platforms. Enjoy 100% white-label customization with the option to add your own content. Easily access the course from your WP admin area with additional assistance available. Rest assured, our course content is continually updated and consistently valuable.

How easy is it to migrate my website?

Easily relocate your WordPress sites using our advanced Pro plugin for WordPress. Choose between API integration or package migration for seamless transfer. Customize by adding or excluding specific files, folders, and databases. Effortlessly migrate subsites to single sites with our innovative solution, setting the standard as the premier choice for Multisite migration.

Do you have a plugin for Google Analytics?

Yes, Create personalized Google Analytics dashboards and reports tailored for WordPress websites. Benefit from professional integration with GA4 API, ensuring seamless data synchronization. Analyze multisite data effortlessly with subsite analytics compatibility. Enjoy comprehensive management of Google Tag Manager (GTM) within your WordPress dashboard. Easily connect and set up your analytics with user-friendly features.

Is CDN included in every package?

Every plan comes with included CDN, featuring unlimited access to the agile pro plugin, smart routing capabilities, built-in DDoS protection, 80+ Tbps Throughput, up to 10TB of Smush bandwidth, a Tier-1 global network, and end-to-end encryption.

Do you give business emails?

You can effortlessly create up to 10 business emails, such as, without any additional charges. Enjoy simple email account creation and management, unlimited email forwarding, 24/7 expert email support, live chat assistance, and seamless integration with your preferred email clients.

Am i locked into a contract?

We bill our clients on a monthly basis, and there are no long-term contracts. You have the flexibility to cancel or sign up at any time, according to your preferences.

Do you have Video Tutorials to guide us through the platform?

Certainly! We're in the process of developing a course exclusively for our customers, covering various subjects such as marketing techniques, website management tips, and effective business management strategies with our services.